'Quality over Quantity' Principle is the Key to Becoming a Successful Software Developer


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'Quality over Quantity' Principle is the Key to Becoming a Successful Software Developer

I remember that before the COVID-19 came in early-2020, I wanted to learn a little about almost every programming language and framework that is used these days. Even though it was nearly 6 months since I started learning the Swift language with having no programming background.

I felt having a lot of power and so much excitement to learn new programming stuff, that I was one step away from start learning Web and Android developments, but it was completely wrong (I'll tell you why later on).

And then the COVID-19 came, it changed almost everything in my life for... good. While staying home during the long-remained quarantines and lockdowns, for some unknown reason the only thing I was thinking about was iOS development, in a way that some days I've spent like 14 hours taking courses and writing code in Swift. It has made me forget about learning other programming languages and frameworks.

Now, I'm working as an iOS developer in one of the best companies in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the job that I love to do and have teammates that I'm grateful to have. I don't say I'm a successful developer. But if it wasn't that one thing that I kept learning of, I don't think if I made it this far, and perhaps I'd never progressed this much.

What I want to say here is, you should be professional at one thing rather than learning a couple of things. In that way, chances for you to become successful at that are getting raised.

You could use the same principle while developing in the other aspects, for example to the number of projects you want to create or write lesser but cleaner code.

Happy coding!