Opinion: the second annual TECHFEST Sulaimani event was held — what could make it better

Opinion: the second annual TECHFEST Sulaimani event was held — what could make it better

Unlike the last year, this year the COVID has given the world and organisations another chance for holding in-person events. Speaking of that, there was a tech event held in Sulaymaniyah - Kurdistan, which was basically an exhibition. The event took place in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region from 20–23 August. There is no such event often happening around here. So, it makes the TECHFEST Sulaimani 2021 the biggest tech event in the governorate. This was the second year of TECHFEST Sulaimani being hold though, but I'm not aware regarding in which year the first one happened.

Alright, let's get to the main subject - which was talking about what could make the event better

  • Providing More Air Conditions for A Better Temperature Balancing

It might look too weird for mentioning that, but seriously, it was too obvious that everybody almost melted down due to the harassment hot room temperature, especially if you were a panel discussion and/or seminar audience. The issue was stayed unsolved for the whole time, but I hope they solve it in the upcoming one.

  • No More Speeches by Politicians

The event was started by giving a few speeches from the city's politicians on the first day. They tried to show their support for the youth community and revealing the government's plans to make their life better, a community that no longer believe in any politicians. I hate to say it, but deep down I know this will never happen - let's hope to see an upcoming politician-free tech event.

  • Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Support

Believe me, you'd be amazed by seeing all of those great projects and their ideas built by my homeland's broken, support-less youths like me. But I'm afraid most of those projects are going to die soon enough due to not having financial and/or incorporeal support, and nobody should let it happen!

  • Bonus for the Volunteers

I probably saw more than a hundred (!) hard-working volunteers who did a very great job on running the event. I know what "volunteer" means, but they should be financially rewarded for the job they did, and as attracting others to volunteering in the future.

  • Pre-registration only

You may say "WHY?". But through the event, everybody could pass in (by registering their name and phone number), and it somehow made the event feels unsafe. HackaSuli back in 2019 was used exactly the same idea, and it was counted as one of the most successful and safest events.

NOTE: There's no means to hate or insulting the mentioned event by writing this article, I visited it for all 3 days, and I was one step away from participating in it. This is something that the organisations can get benefit from for the upcoming TECHFEST Sulaimani. Finally, I want finish this by saying thanks to the volunteers. Without them, it could never happen. 😍🙌🏻