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You can now compile Swift code on VS Code

You can now compile Swift code on VS Code

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Makwan Barzan
·Dec 24, 2021·

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In a blog post today, Apple has announced Visual Studio Code support for the Swift language by releasing an extension for those who want to use the language for developing Swift packages or different purposes on VS Code and outside of Xcode.

The extension is in the preview stage and the initial version can be found on the Visual Studio Marketplace. You can click here to get it.

Here are the key features of the extension:

  • Automatic task creation
  • Package dependency view
  • Code completion
  • Jump to definition, peek definition, find all references, symbol search
  • Error annotations and apply suggestions from errors
  • Automatic generation of launch configurations for debugging with CoreLLDB

However, it has been mentioned that the release is an initial one and not feature complete, and there might be bugs as well.

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