I'm Makwan, I was born in 2001 in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Since I was a kid, I had the desire to use computer programs and was obsessed with them.

I started studying computer science at a private institute in my hometown in 2017 and graduated in 2022 there. During that time (specifically in late 2018), I taught myself to learn Swift so I could hopefully build my own iOS software someday.

I took some online Swift courses. A few months later, I could confidentially create iOS apps and published a few. I even built apps for clients and I could make my very first paycheck.

I have a couple of apps on the App Store, and a few others are on the way.

Currently, I am working as an iOS Engineer at a local company called Gateway where I work on the first e-banking app in the area, First Iraqi Bank.

To learn more about me, please visit my personal website by clicking here.